Skin Cleansing Products

Skin cleansing products should be selected according to the type and the degree of contamination, always bearing in mind the motto “as gentle as possible – as strong as necessary”. While cleansing products, which are too strong, unnecessarily stress the skin, ineffective products lead to the use of technical cleaners or aggressive solvents. The pH value of our products has been adapted to the skin’s natural acid mantle. Our surfactant combinations have been optimised to ensure excellent skin tolerance and high cleansing power at the same time. The use of lipid-balancing substances generates a good feeling of the skin.

Up to now, the removal of greasy particles and highly-adhesive dirt has only been possible with hand cleansers containing scrubbing agents unless a protection cream had been applied before. By using these products regularly, the horny layer of the skin is reduced. This may lead to severe skin irritations. With its patented Active Soft Pearls® (ASP), PGP offers a skin-friendly alternative to conventional cleansing products containing scrubbers. The round and smooth pearls made of hydrogenated castor oil do not support the cleansing effect of the surfactant combination by mechanical abrasion, but by their polar surface structure which is able to bind greasy dirt particles.