Hand cream for the Red Cross - PGP answered call of the General Secretariat

Rotkreuz-Mitarbeiter Thomas Heinen (r.) nimmt die Spende von Peter Greven Physioderm, vertreten durch die Marketing-Manager Stephanie Reichenberger und Andreas Todtenhöfer, entgegen. Foto: Thomas Schmitz/pp/Agentur ProfiPress

Autumn and winter are particularly stressful for the skin. Heating air and cold lead to dehydration. If tightened hygiene measures are added to this during a pandemic, the situation gets even worse. The already stressed hands are particularly affected by frequent washing and the use of disinfectants.

For this reason, the General Secretariat of the German Red Cross in Berlin wrote to the manufacturers of skin care products and asked for their support. Among these companies was Peter Greven Physioderm (PGP), part of the Peter Greven Group from Bad Münstereifel. "We were happy to donate," said International Marketing Manager Stephanie Reichenberger, while her colleague Andreas Todtenhöfer added: "But we expressed the wish that this aid takes place in the region and not in Berlin."

The Red Cross complied with this wish. The Red Cross district association in Euskirchen has now received a pallet with a total of 3500 hand cream tubes. Thomas Heinen, division manager for emergency services, and vehicle maintainer Petrit Rasid picked up the pallet at the PGP plant in Euskirchen.

"We will distribute the creams to our employees in the areas of rescue services, care for the elderly and sick, refugee assistance and kindergartens. These are all employees who frequently come into contact with disinfectants and whose hands are accordingly affected," Heinen explained to the two PGP marketing employees. The care product is perfectly suited for the aforementioned target group. "The cream is quickly absorbed, is not too greasy, contains natural beeswax and also smells good," knows Stephanie Reichenberger.

The Red Cross in the Euskirchen district consists of around 2000 permanent and volunteer employees. The Peter Greven Group has supported the organization several times in the past.